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​Makiko Yamaguchi

​Art Director






アパレル、洋菓子会社のハウスデザイナーを経て、2020年にNIKOLASCHKA LLCを設立。




Born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, raised in Kobe.

As the eldest daughter of five siblings, I grow up in a lively family.


From the age of three,I attends a children's art class "Doronkoart" and learns expression activities.

From this time on, it has become a part of my life that I always creates something.


After working as a house designer for an apparel and pastry company, I founded NIKOLASCHKA LLC in 2020.


I think that the richness of the human heart is made up of each sensibility.

While valuing one's intuition without being bound by common sense

I would like to support those who value their sensibilities = those who want to create visuals.

Through manufacturing, I hope that people's dreams will come true and the world will become brighter.

I make it every day with an awareness of identifying the essence of things and creating the atmosphere of the thing itself.

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